Reflecting on 31 Days of Creativity

Day 30 of #31DaysOfCreativity and today’s challenge is to blog or vlog about what you have learned from this creative experience.

It’s been fun waking up and thinking about what the Comms Creative will come up with for our challenge for that day. And great to be of this creative community, I’ve loved looking on social media to see what my peers have created too. The likes, shares and comments have all been incredibly supportive and encouraging. This sounds so cheesy but I’ve definitely gained some virtual friends and got to know them as their personalities have shone through in each of the challenges… yep that was pure fromage, but true! 

Aside from the camaraderie this pop-up creative community Hel Reynolds and her sister Lesley have orchestrated, it’s the sense of personal achievement gained. I love drawing and painting, so I really relished these challenges in particular.

But when it came to making a short video, this is really not something I am very confident in, so it pushed me out of my comfort zone to do this. As I said in my Star Wars related ‘good advice’ video from early on in the month, “try not, do, or do not. There is no try.” – thank you for that one Yoda! I also discovered that I am visionary and an artisan, creativity is indeed its own reward. 

My only sadness is thinking about what I am going to do without a daily creative challenge? Maybe I’ll write a load of creative challenges and put them in a jar, pulling a random one out each day? Maybe not. But I’m definitely going to have to keep up with my hobby of drawing and painting more frequently as I have found that this is really helping me with my creativity in my job too. I’ll also endeavour to create more videos to get more confident with that medium.

And finally, what will the 31st and final challenge bring tomorrow? I can’t wait to find out…

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