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Internal communication strategy

Creating an internal communication strategy will define how you communicate across your organisation. It is a way of ensuring that your activities remain focused on the things that matter most to your employees and your organisation. The advantages of having an internal communication strategy is that you will:

  • Give employees a better understanding of your organisation’s values
  • Open channels of communication – both from top to bottom and from bottom to top
  • Maintain a connection with your employees and build trust

Internal communication plans

Whether you are involved in major change across your organisation or you just need a plan on how you are going to roll-out a new piece of IT software to selected employees, I can help you with a communications plan.

All too often we concentrate on what needs to be done in a change project and think about who is going to be affected and what they need to know to get them on board when it’s too late. I can help you ensure that this doesn’t happen in your organisation.

Internal communication audits

Carrying out an audit on how you communicate across your organisation highlights not only what needs improving, but also where you can expand on what is working well with your communications channels.

Audits can look at your organisation as a whole or at specific areas/departments. This can involve focus groups, surveys, interviews, meetings and analysing data from digital communication channels.

Copy writing

With experience in corporate and internal communication, I can write copy for your:

  • Intranet
  • Website
  • Internal company briefings
  • Events
  • Management briefings
  • Newsletters and e-newsletters
  • Press releases
  • Social media campaigns
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